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papaya vendor and her children in managua market by luca.gargano on Flickr.

Papaya in Managua market, Nicaragua. The children are either midgets or those have to be the biggest Papaya I've ever seen.

Sand dunes of the great India desert - thar desers of Jaisalmer

Man and Camel - Sand dunes in the Indian desert near the border with Pakistan. Camel wallah and his friend.

Street Market in Paris

pinner says Paris market. All day, you walk slowly - savoring and absorbing the charming ambiance of lovely Paris.

Dalat Central Market, Dalat, Vietnam. When I was last in this beautiful city, it was 1966 and my day there was a welcome rest from the war raging most everywhere else in country.

Dalat Central Market, Dalat, Vietnam - From Ho Chi Minh City, the bus ride is about 7 hours hours if there is bad traffic leaving Saigon)

Bedouins (بَدَوِيُّون) of Petra, Jordan - PointsandTravel.com

Bedouins (بَدَوِيُّون) of Petra, Jordan

Bedouins (بَدَوِيُّون) of Petra, Jordan - PointsandTravel.com

Ahmedabad, India.

Street vendor in Ahmedabad, India. Founded in the century, Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat. The city is a vibrant business district and rising center of education, information technology and scientific industries.