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I have to confess, I’m not an Easter addict. Except for chocolate (of course, what did you think?), I’m not that excited about the idea of celebrating. The chocolate eggs, the bells… it’s funny but maybe I’m too old. But, in the other hand, there is BUNNIES! And bunnies are like cats, but in a cutest way. Yes, really, I insist. Then when I came over this pic, found on Tokyobanhbao blog, I had an irresistible craving for a bunny ice cream. And it’s quite handy as it’s easy to make : To make…

Honey bunny ice cream

Close up of a waitress holding tray with coffee by Aleksandra Jankovic - Coffee shop - Stocksy United

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¨*🍁her Fall is poetry..

My December

Every year on the first of December we make the Christmas Tree. The ornaments possess a familiar and distinctive smell for all that time they have been set aside while waiting for the next season.