oh my gosh....I can't wait to see Katniss and Peeta's children in Mockingjay movie

Re pin this if you think Suzann Collins should make a book about the kids of Katniss, Peeta, and the Odairs

Way too soon.....they were my three favorites <3 Love and miss you Finnick, I hope you find Annie where ever you are at. :'(

If I don't reread it it isnt true. Too soon to face it. Rue and Finnick,and Prim as third favorite.

The biggest Agenda 20 programming of all.  Shows the starving decimation of our country, and the global elite living in strong technical city (probably Denver) Scary stuff

30 hunger game quotes katniss

Reading has never really been joyful for me. The Hunger Games was one of the good movies that made me want to read more. Watching the movie and reading the book is two different things. I saw how much more detail you get when reading.

I hope this is in the movie because I will cry if it's not. And look at adorable Peeta as a daddy:'( I'm done.

"..But they teach about them at school, and the girl knows we played a role in them. The boy wil know in a few years. How can I tel them about that world without frightening them to death?... Peeta says it will be okay. We have each other." - Mockingjay Epilogue

But they teach about them at school, and the girl knows we played a role in…

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Only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies. And of course the whole THG fandom!


Johanna we missed you sooooo much! God I love her! *ugly sobbing* i love peeta sooooo freaking much!

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Heffie<--- whoa whoa whoa, is this a thing? Like, a lot of people ship it? people ship them? Hmmm, I dunno about this

8 Facts about The Hunger Games and its cast, for those of you who were unaware of them. Get any book for 99 cents. DAILY DEALS !

8 Facts about The Hunger Games and it's cast! For the fact I'm so glad they chose Jennifer Lawrence! If not her then i would chose Shailene Woodley


I love dis 😋 think I'm going to make this my New Years resolution! X X HAPPY NEW YEARS GUYS! I love you guys sooooooo much! Hope your year is awesome and full of fun! (Also Insergent and mockingjay pt 2 come out this year which is epic just say

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Are you, Are you coming to the tree? They strung up a man, say he murdered three. Strange things did happen here no stranger would it be if we met at midnight at the hanging tree.