by Guen Douglas

Guen Douglas - More fun than a human being should have… Tempest/storm (electrical storm no less) in a gosh darn teacup!

Tea-rrific!: Tea Tattoos

This tattoo design shows a peach blossom branch growing out of a cup of tea with a red cardinal bird on the cup. Porcelain tea sets are most often depicted in…

cardinal tattoo by Ben Rorke

Simple, bold outlines & bright colors =keys to a good traditional tattoo. Cardinal tattoo by Ben Rorke.

Tea & paper boats!

cutest teacup tattoo ever. “Storm in a teacup” Designed and tattooed by María Nikólskaya, Bilbao, Spain

Guen Douglas

Little cute one-off from walk in Saturday :)

mary poppins

a traditional Mary Poppins done by Brian Corley at Unique Ink in Greensburg, PA