I've dreamt about Fairy Tail, Gintama, Attack on Titan, and Mermaid Melody.. My dreams mostly consist of me and everyone I know as anime characters

One time while I was asleep my husband tried 2 wake me up & still half asleep I started mumbling something about a yugioh card and that some guy cheated me during a duel monsters battle 😖

"Look, look! Deidara-sempai, I finally did it!!!" "I'm about to blow it up! Hmm"

Deidara-sempai, I finally did it!" "I'm about to blow it up! Un" - Makkura Murasaki



Favorite Toons

Natsu is more like naruto then Sakura and Lucy is more like Sakura then naruto, grey is nothing like sasuke though

Kakashi Gaiden- Hot Spring by BotanofSpiritWorld <--- This person. I like them.

Kakashi Gaiden- Hot Spring by BotanofSpiritWorld I don't think anyone had this in mind when they thought "equality for the sexes"

You really don't. He's usually too busy showing off his psychotic personality ;)

i will be honest with you.but deidara is my third favorite charecter. before deidara in second is akumaru and kiba. Then for first is asuma sensei.he is dispicable good and evil.