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So I asked my friend to explain this picture Friend: Guy in hoodie tries to make a pillow and a sandal kiss. Guy in front is being sacrificed so it will happen. Guy in back is scared of the powers.

Yoongis hairline!! OMFG! He kinda does look like Jimin!! OMFG! ❤ #BTS #방탄소년단

I love how he's in pain because hot water went up his nose and all army can say is "HIS HAIRLINE IS REVEALED!" -- I can finally live in peace TuT

Wow this just happened to me today <--- I've never been near someone who…

Wow this just happened to me today <--- I've never been near someone who likes KPOP T.T<<<<<<<<<that would be so awesomeeeeeeee XD

BTS V blocking the poor guy's cheese puffs

BTS V blocking the poor guy's cheese puffs<<ive pinned this before but this is the funniest bts post ever

This is officially my new favourite run episode

When you spend a lot of time with someone you start acting like them ♥ ♥ ♥

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The fact that this boy knows the soap can make a hot tub more bubbly makes my heart hurt. One this boy either knows a lot about hot tubs or too much about laundry soap. But anyways my hot tub producing heart is crying.

Ive actually taken Chinese for 4 years, so he should come to me for lessons

Taehyun's failed attempt of having a Chinese conversation.) hahaha my poor husband!

Haha lol omg so true ❤

how tf does a wii u run out of battery << the gamepad does

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They are lovely people who have nothing but love for each other.

sugakookie <3

This is soooo cute Suga is smiling like a baby it's so adorable and jungkook is a baby XD .Sugakookie isnt my ship but this is still cute