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Iceland’s Northern Lights by Henry Lee

Evosia Studios’ Henry Jun Wah Lee produced this timelapse video titled Eye of the Storm after a two-week trip to Iceland during the solar maximum—a once-every-eleven-year period of great solar activity resulting in incredible northern lights.

mostrando el cielo

Aurora /Northern Lights I want to see these before I die. this has to be the most awesome thing ever.

Winter Northern Lights mw ♠ re-pinned by http://www.wfpcc.com

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Machu Picchu Snorkel in the Galapagos Islands Relax in the Fingers Lakes, New York State, USA View the Aurora Borealis Explore the Wilds of Denali National Park, Alaska

Northern Lights shaped like Space Portal

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Dverghamrar, Iceland Dverghamrar Aurorae One of the rare daytime pictures of the Aurora Borealis on allwomenstalk travel

The biggest solar flare in six years reached Earth on January 24th and created this beautiful aurora. Photo by Bjorn Jorgensen.

(solar-storm-fueled auroras)---- "Eagle Lights"---The central light ribbon in this image resembles the head and beak of a bird, flanked by a radiant wingspan. The photo was taken in Grøtfjord, close to Tromsø in northern Norway.

Lake Powell, Utah, Arizona

Lake Powell Arizona U.A///Nice try Arizona. Lake Powell is almost completely in Utah. Just the area near the dam and bridge is in Arizona.

An Incredible Photo of an Alaskan Aurora Shaped Like a Dog

An Incredible Photo of an Alaskan Aurora Shaped Like a Dog

r 29 Apr 2014 near Fairbanks in central Alaska, astrophotographer John Chumack and his company saw a most unusual aurora. This bright aurora appeared to change into the shape of a jumping dog, complete with a curly tail.