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Can anyone guess what I'm making?

Only you can change your life. There is nothing wrong with doing something better. Only the envious will have something to say.

Super quick late lunch of salmon and cream cheese rice cakes with a spinach cucumber and pepper salad. So much yum!!

As modelled by little Annie these past few days I've just felt exhausted and really unmotivated. Instead of going to the gym earlier I ended up having a 3 hour nap.. I don't even remember falling asleep! Arghhh! Any tips for breaking out of this funk!? I miss my 'I can do anything' mentality!! Now it's more 'I can do anything.. Once I've had this nap.. 10 coffees & a kick up the fooey' -------------------------------------- Last chance to enter my MHAH giveaway over on…

Good morning! so so tired today! My fitbit clocks me in at 4hours 40 mins.. Yikes! Early bed for this girl tonight! Starting the day off with a detox kick from the #TIU guides the delicious Meta-D 100ml apple juice 20ml apple cider vinegar water lemon juice & cayenne pepper have an awesome day whenever you are!


Nothing says comfort food more than homemade soup with crusty bread (plus some hummus and chive cheese.. just because well.. cheese!) What's on your plate's today ladies?

The sun is out and so are the smiles! having a mid morning snack of a mixed berry banana quark and psyllium husk smoothie. So refreshing