Pokemon Gijinka 265.Wurmple 266.Silcoon 267.Beautifly 268.Cascoon 269.Dustox

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Dustox is listed (or ranked) 20 on the list 38 Incredible Drawings of Pokemon Re-Imagined as Humans

230.Kingdra (Hyporoi) by tamtamdi

An Artist Drew Pokémon as People and These Definitely Need Their Own Manga Series

253.Grovyle by tamtamdi on DeviantArt

by tamtamdi on DeviantArt Strength - C Endurance - D Mobility - B++ Aura - D Magic - B Moves: Leaf Storm, leaf blade, agility, dragon breath

262.Mightyena by tamtamdi

Some really fantastic artists have made gorgeous art of Pokemon as people. One especially excellent example is the artist known only as Tamtamdi, a true master of a.


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Pokemon Kanto Edition Monopoly

Pokemon Kanto Edition Monopoly

The legend of Zelda y Pokémon tendrán su propio Monopoly este verano

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Les 251 premiers Pokémons humanisés !