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Rhea S2.

Aww this low key broke me. Putting herself in danger for Roy and he did the same for her ❤️

#Arrow - Oliver, Felicity & Thea #Season4 #4x14

Oh Oliver XD Felicity XD Thea is the only one with a brain in this scene XD

Arrow - Felicity and Roy #3.2 #Season3 they have a good friendship like brother and sister

Arrow - Felicity and Roy I love their brother/sisterly relationship

Arrow - Felicity & Laurel #3.20 #Season3

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Arrow - Malcolm, Felicity & Diggle #3.23 #Season3

Team Felicity Smoak on

Arrow - Malcolm, Felicity & Diggle You just can't fully hate the guy :P

Arrow vs Flash crossover "Not as the Arrow, that guy's a douche."

Arrow vs Flash crossover "Not as the Arrow, that guy's a douche." <<< Okay, so I'm gonna fangirl for a second, don't freak out. But, have you seen Oliver' smile ? I love that Barry is one of the few people who can make him smile so freely !

#FelicitySmoak #OliverQueen #RoyHarper

But Barry ended up alright in the end. depending on your definition of "alright.

Wow. How? I love them. I shipped it from the moment he stole her purse and then got stabbed for her.

Sometimes stealing isn't a bad thing at all XD (Arrow - Colton Haynes as Roy)

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Arrow - Oliver & Felicity #4.9 #Season4 #Olicity <3

Arrow - Oliver & Felicity this was right before she got shot and I may have cried a little.