Zombie crawling out of ground

Bring your yard to gruesome life with the Escape from Grave Zombie Halloween Decor. This animated Halloween decoration features a zombie who looks like he's trying to claw his way out of the ground.

Insects Display Board bats fun for halloween | great Halloween display | Halloween | Pinterest

pack of dog skeletons chasing human skeleton zombies dogs, for yard Halloween Decor-Yikes! Run, Run run for your lives, werewolves werewolf skeletons chasing

Cardboard boxes cut to be boards.  Idea orginally from Martha Stewart.  I found on Houzz.com

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A Cabinet Of Curiosities Wallhanging | Apothecary Halloween Decor - The Holiday Barn

A Cabinet of Curiosities Wallhanging

Remedies for the undoing curses from the wicked nurses. Potion tinctures and liniment in the making of magic to heal or haunt. This Cabinet Of Curiosities Wallhanging laboratory sign is made to look v