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Monument to Mikhail Bulgakov, Kharkov

Monument to the author of "Master and Margarita" -Mikhail Bulgakov, Kharkov

Памятник зодчим. Санкт-Петербург. Россия.

Памятник зодчим. Санкт-Петербург. Россия.

'Joy of Music' - sculpture by George Lundeen;  public artwork in Loveland, CO

The Art of Loveland — The public artwork of Loveland, Colo. Joy of Music George Lundeen bronze

David Alan Clark - Tom Lee Monument, Memphis Tennessee. The monument unintentionally mimicked real life in May 2011, when the Mississippi River flooded so high that it completely submerged the pedestal. The boat really did look like it was afloat.

Tom Lee Monument in Memphis, Tenn - during the 2011 flood. (Sculpture ordinarily is near, not IN the Mississippi River) Brought tears to my eyes


Cute Sculptures in front of Shoe store.♥ Public Art in Pequim/China.

Памятник хорошему настроению. Одинцово

This lover of beer, and associated with it, a good mood sat down on the boulevard Luba Novoselova, Odintsovo, Moscow region.