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I watched the Kakashi anbu arc the other day and I had to draw him with his main Kohais OuO They so cute Shhhhh I know Itachi is way too old here I fail.

Resultado de imagen de fotos sin fondos de naruto

Naruto is an orphan who, as a newborn, had the dangerous fox-like entity known…

naruto oc | ETSY

This is my Naruto RPC (: her name is Ayame _________ don't have a last name. i have her whole story figured out just can't be bothered typing it all o.



Naruto Shippuden | Kakashi Hatake | はたけ カカシ | ฮาตาเกะ คาคาชิ

Naruto Shippuden | Kakashi Hatake | はたけ カカシ | ฮาตาเกะ คาคาชิ

#Asuma Sarutobi I know he's not the strongest character and doesn't play the biggest role in the story...well he is important but not so....but he's my favourite character!!! #naruto

Cost: Home Decor Naruto Sarutobi Asuma Cosplay Wall Scroll Poster X

Toda vez que eu vejo o Naruto com roupa de Hokage meu coração apertado ❣️

After almost 15 years of being on air, the story of Naruto Uzumaki ends today, March The Seventh Hokage, everybody.

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