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Dubai Burj Al Arab

Harmony of the Seas | Forget star gazing. Experience the bright nights and adventure lights on the world's biggest ship, brought to you exclusively by Royal Caribbean, and set to dock in the USA for the first time on November 8th.

The Maltese Falcon Mega-Yacht | Sailboats and Sailing the World

Battlefleet Gothic - Dauntless Class exiting the Warp.

Grace Kelly en route to her wedding

Nile River Dinner Cruise with Egyptian Dance Show in Cairo

RMS TITANIC'S FAMOUS . Most first-class passengers aboard the Titanic were the rich and famous Anglo-American society at the time. To cite a few the richest of them all was John Jacob Astor 47 who had just star in a scandal caused by his divorce and his immediate wedding with a young New Yorker of 18 years. Also on board Benjamin Guggenheim scion of an American family dedicated to mining and metallurgy and the marriage of Isidor and Ida Straus. He was co-owner of Macy's the largest store in…

<<Launched on 20 October 1910, White Star Line’s Olympic (1911) was heralded as the world’s largest and grandest liner, and the forerunner of an entire new class of superliners. Yet Olympic was soon doomed to sail in the shadow of her slightly larger sister ship, Titanic, launched in May 1911>> http://oceanlinersmagazine.com/2016/10/19/olympic-2/

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