I am so happy that the acorn is still hanging at the tree! I hope I can take another picture in summer when the leaves are dark green! The same acorn fo. Circle of Life


This cute creature eats fruit with enthusiasm. If your home built near a fruit bearing tree, vines or fruit bushes, you have most likely seen squirrels happily hoarding and munching these mount watering fruits.

Hold Your Horses People!

Hold Your Horses People!

A piles of leaves shaped into a heart.sweet idea for Fall and sending the pic to loved ones you can't share the day with.

FALL in love...

photo: maple leaves in red autumn colors. My father loved the red leaves!

"A múltban azt hittük, hogy szebb lesz a jövő. Ma már tudjuk, hogy szebb volt a múlt...." Liebe Attila

corn fields in Fall. I love the Fall when the corn fields on our farms turn brown and the ears are golden.

Beautiful Autumn Scene

Do you love Autumn?

Simple polka dot dress a classic if longer.just saying Cute summer picnic/country setting idea fall autumn picnic in the woods

Here is another example of the variety in landscape i want for our forest and the nice crisp fall look we need.

Autumn ♥

Squirrels are adorable autumn creatures! They really remind us to cherish the little moments we have with our family and friends during the fall harvest season.


Squirrel and Red Berries red nature autumn fall berries wildlife squirrel

to embrace fall. We've held on to summer long enough. I love fall it's my favorite time of the year.