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God’s purpose for man and the earth is wonderful. What will life be like in God’s new world?

eat breakfast with a lion

Pictures of funny and awesome wild animals from around the globe. Animals are always bringing the laughs.

Un calugăr se odihneşte ţinând în braţe un tigru, în Templul Tigrilor din Kanchanaburi, duminică, 26 mai 2013. Templul budist a fost fondat in 1994, primul pui de tigru fiind primit 5 ani mai tarziu. De atunci a devenit o atracţie turistică, vizitatorii putând vedea şi fotografia animalele. (  Paul Brown / Rex Features / Guliver  ) - See more at: http://zoom.mediafax.ro/people/viata-cotidiana-mai-2013-10933878#sthash.mMDLJrC1.dpuf

One man and his tiger! Buddhist monk cuddles up to deadly big cat. one of a HUNDRED raised by the monks from cubs Cuddling up: In this remarkable photograph, an adult tiger and a Buddhist monk embrace in a seemingly mutual display of affection

Melanie Griffith Grew Up With Lions http://avaxnews.net/wow/melanie_griffith_grew_up_with_lions.html

Melanie Griffith with the family pet lion, Neil ~ May 1971 (photo by Michael Rougier)

Kevin Richardson -the Lion Whisperer says the lions are very social creatures and they have feelings & emotions.he has been living, sleeping & eating with these lions since they were cubs. (I want to be this guy)

diane fossey

I always admired Diane Fossey. I took one anthropology course and that was the end of it, my life's not over yet though


Gibbon monkey - contemplating life or wondering about dinner?