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Awesome work of "Like Minded Studio"

Way of The David by Like Minded Studio Way of The Davidby Like Minded Studio Almost without exception people of genius are disagreeable dont destroy them they lay golden eggs.

Although the design is in black and white, it emphasizes words by using different fonts (Hand, Serif, Sans Serif, and  Cursive) as well as using different weights, contrast, height and width of words and letters. Banners and lines are used throughout the design. Images and shapes are used to break up words.

Javi Bueno is graphic designer and illustrator based in Zaragoza, Spain. Part of being a designer is to be able to create your vision and ideas through any kind of mediums and variant styles.

life as a moodboard: Daily Dishonesty

Lauren Hom and her Daily Dishonesty project which is simply super rad. she’s a graphic designer based in NYC who started a series of hand lettered posters that document the little lies she tells herself on a regular basis.


Every designer knows that typography is the art and techniques of arranging type, type design and modifying type glyphs. We’ve previously covered typography in a few articles showcasing examples and the best usage.

Everything is Possible for one who believes

One of the most inspiring scriptures displayed in an amazing typography design style. Jesus said, "Everything is possible for one who believes.

JÜ judzign.com - Black Sheep Squadron -2014 http://www.judzign.com/infographie/bss.html

In our typography inspiration galleries we’ve gathered last weeks findings of nice text based designs using typography, calligraphy and lettering

Typographic Experiments by Adrian Iorga

We put together different creations based on typography, posters and original projects. You will discover a combination of graphic styles that use typography, calligraphy and lettering in order to give you inspiration for your next creations, or simply ha