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Japanese World Map

Japanese History - Japan's Seclusion Policy During the Edo Period. By secluding the country from foreign influences, Japan was able to establish its unique socio-cultural character.

The world as mapped by the Portuguese in 1514, published by João de Lisbon in 1560.

The world as mapped by the Portuguese in published by João de Lisbon in

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Shintei - Chikyu Bankoku Hozu (Square Map of all the Countries on the Globe); a very interesting 1853 (Kaei Japanese world map by Suido Nakajima. / Maps from Geographicus

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Population Density statistics are crucial while evaluating a Survival Retreat or bug-out location. Here are facts and maps to consider.

I never knew this! Which state has the most solar power? Fewest pipeline accidents? Organic lentils? These maps give great insight into what each state does well, and where it needs improvement.

MAPS: What Your State Is Good At, And What It's Lame At

How does your state excel? With these latest infographics depicting the environmental factors that each states excel in.

David Rumsey Map Collection

How the United States Looked to the Civilized World in 1803

Map of the proto-internet

THE PROTO-INTERNET: Cartophilia: the early telegraph routes were strikingly similar to today’s internet pathways. Charlie McCann traces their course

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Abraham Ortelius, 'Map of Iceland' century) in "Legendary Lands: Umberto Eco on the Greatest Maps of Imaginary Places and Why They Appeal to Us" by Maria Popova

Antique map of America by Blaeu free to print

Linguistics: mapping the world through language, mapping language through the world

1862 Japanese world map. Kankai kōro shinzu.   環海航路新圖 / Contributor Names: Hirose, Hoan, 1808-1865. Hirose, Ikkō. Hirose, Aishin. Library of Congress.

1862 Japanese world map. 環海航路新圖 / Contributor Names: Hirose, Hoan, Hirose, Ikkō. Library of Congress.

Japanese pictorial map of China and Japan-Soviet relations, 1937.

Japanese Pictorial map of China and Japan-Soviet relations, 1937

If you love drinking a lot then London is the place for you. Even though most bars and pubs close around midnight you can buy alcohol at a local 'off-licence' for those of you wanting to start an after party. Fortunately there aren't that many great nightclubs so if you want to absorb the local drinking culture stick to the pubs.

So there are about 33 boroughs in London. so if I see one new borough every two or three days, I'll have time to see them all.

Map of Beijing, published in 1937. [1800 × 2645]

city map of Beijing, published in Beijing in The map shows a detailed street map of the Chinese Capital, including the city walls, which were torn down in the