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Dude, my teacher did this too. The only other hetalian in the class looked at me, and we just cracked up laughing.

Read this and listen to "let it go" at the same time, it will be more hilarious XD

Read this and listen to "let it go" at the same time, it will be more hilarious XD frozen

[Korea] Brother by vorabend-taboo on DeviantART (North and South Korea are forced to face off, forced to face the past, and forced face the heartbreaking consequences)


The thing that makes me laugh the most is Americas face, he's like "don't really wanna do this, he'll kick my ass" XD <<< yep

and people still hate on the dub even when you have gold like this

APH China English Dub So true china does get some of the best lines <----- Yeahhhh XD. Pretty sure I already posted something like this, but there are more lines this time China is awesome

Je t'aime. ❤

Hetalia, it sounds so cute in all the other languages then you get to Germany and it just kind sounds scary. Then again a lot of things in German sound hardcore.

When America went on a nickname kick.it makes it better that it's a Parks and Rec reference!<<< and it was used in an Achievement Hunter gta V heist let's play

this is hetalia in a nutshell tbh

this is hetalia in a nutshell tbh<<<I don't watch Hetalia but this makes me want to

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But what if England had been expirementing with pottery. Scotland: Are you sure that's a cup?Well bloody hell you ruined my small act of kindness, you wang!

At first it was funny, but near the end I just..... :( Oh Prussia..... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (T_T)

I was cracking up at Romanos and I was doing my mini fangirl dance at Germanys. but then I read HRE and Prussia, and it riped out my heart and smashed it into a million peices.>>I'm sobbing what the f*ck