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They make great headrests, via Flickr.

They make great headrests - how cute are these two. Greyhounds are so affectionate and love to be close to each other or you!

01008608  PENSIVE GREYHOUND   Issue Year: 2011  Sculptor: José Luis Santes  Size: 30x11 cm

Lladró is a Spanish brand dedicated since 1953 to the creation of art porcelain figurines at the brand's only factory in the world, in Valencia.

Dog bottle feeding a lamb

THE SPRINGER SPANIEL AND HIS LAMB This picture could stop wars. Jess the spaniel’s owner taught the dog to feed lambs with a bottle, and now the dog has totally taken over lamb-feeding duties. World peace!

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The Greyhound Poem - wonder who made this one? LUV me some greyhounds.I want a third greyhound now.

italian greyhound | Italian Greyhound Dog Breed Puppies

Italian grey hound This is going to be my first dog when i get my own place :)

greyhound love quotes - Yahoo Search Results

greyhound love quotes - Yahoo Search Results


Greyhounds of any age are wonderful pets, they are calm and loving and they just want to be with their humans. If you can adopt even better yet adopt an older dog.make the end of their life the best time of their life!