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This morning crystal altar.I'm currently working on creating wooden altars for crystals and meditation.This one represents the wheel of the year.I am not sure if anyone will be interested though.

How are you healing today? Teascape by Lindsay Luna

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Lectura de la palma por YourFriendlyWitch en Etsy

What is Palmistry ? Palmistry is the ancient science and art of reading lines, size, shape of the hands and fingers. Palmistry has two Divisions the shape of the hand; and lines on the palm.

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Golden Thread Tarot is a modern minimalist tarot deck printed in gold foil, with easy to read symbols for witches of all levels. Comes with custom tarot app to guide you through the process.

Golden Thread Tarot Deck

Learn to Use Tarot with our App. Golden Thread Tarot is a modern tarot deck and free companion app with design in mind. We built a modern approach to an ancient tradition.

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