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7 most famous logos and how they were created - Featuring: Salvador Dali / Chupa Chups, Carolyn Davidson / Nike, Frank Mason Robinson / Coca-Cola, Milton Glaser / I Love NY, Paul Rand / NeXT, Rob Janoff / Apple, Walter Landauer / FedEx

7 most famous logos and how they were created

Logos - 7 - Salvador Dali / Chupa Chups - Carolyn Davidson / Nike - Frank Mason Robinson / Coca-Cola - Milton Glaser / I Love NY - Paul Rand / NeXT - Rob Janoff / Apple - Walter Landauer / FedEx

guerilla ad

This is a new way to display a advertisement. It is a very creative way to display a McDonald's ad. The ad is in the shape of French fries that serves as a crosswalk. It is a multi function ad.

“Horror festivals and premieres are all about the films. Popcorn can look like someone’s brains. And films are best enjoyed with a bucket of popcorn.”    I am surprised this hasn’t happened before, it seems so obvious now I’ve seen it! I wish I’d thought of it! Makes a great visual, a

Direct advertisment created by Y&R, United States for Motor City Nightmares, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Newcastle Brown vs Stella Artois

The war between BMW vs Audi seems to be over, now its Newcastle Brown ambushing a Stella Artois advert.I love the fun they have when they create these kind of advert wars. Wonder if Stella Artois will come back with something or just leave it as is.

When I was in college we had to make ads for a jobsearch website. Everyone else made print ads. I decided to go guerrilla. - Imgur

College class had to make ads for a jobsearch website. Everyone else made print ads. This guy decided to go guerrilla.

VERY cool idea for the new IKEA catalog when it was launched on iPad in Norway.

IKEA Creates DIY Sewing Kit to Create iPad Compatible Gloves

To promote the launch of the new IKEA catalog for iPad, IKEA Norway and ad agency SMFB introduced a “conductive sewing kit” that makes gloves touchscreen compatible.

Lovely Apothecary Tea popular packaging by Nude Design Studio for Seventh Dutchess curated by Packaging Diva PD Herbal and organic teas and tisanes.

Real-time version of Adobe Photoshop, created by Bates141 Jakarta, commissioned by a software re-seller in Indonesia, software-asli.com. // Absolutely LOVE this!

Photoshop As Real As It Gets

I love this Photoshop ad! I immediately thought of my mom who is super creative, but doesn't quite get how I design things digitally. Love how this breaks it down how the program works. Speaking of design, I've updated my.