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Microsoft anuncia corte no preço do Kinect

Microsoft anuncia corte no preço do Kinect

Harley Pasternak's Hollywood Workout (Kinect) --- http://www.amazon.com/Harley-Pasternaks-Hollywood-Workout-Xbox-360/dp/B008E6ZXTK/?tag=jayb4903-20

Harley Pasternak's Hollywood Workout gives you direct access to the workout program that Hollywood celebrities use to get in shape!

EMBRACE+ The Wearable Technology For Smartphones

There is nothing more annoying than being in the middle of an important meeting when your phone starts to ring or some other notification comes in.

MIGUEL BAIGTS El Oculus Rift, es un casco de realidad virtual que impresionó a Mark Zuckerberg tanto, que compró la compañía por $2 mil millones, aunque está todavía en desarrollo,  se espera poner en marcha a finales del 2015. Primero, el Oculus Rift será usado para juegos,  pero posteriormente la gente será capaz de utilizar el Rift para redes sociales, películas interactivas y conciertos virtuales. www.consultingmediamexico.com #miguelbaigts #redessociales

Best gaming technologies which will change the gaming experience and gaming industry in a big way both in terms of experience and interactivity with games.

#inspiringbrands _Mother Design

Nothing found for Microtropolis Launch Of Windows 8 With Moment Factory


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Casio G-Shock Man Box. Boss as hell and probably won't see too many walking around with it.

Fans of serious color will appreciate this new Casio G-Shock MAN BOX. Codenamed it manages to be even bolder and brighter than other G-Shock

HUBLOT Skull Bang Watch

Hublot Skull Bang watch is made entirely of black ceramic with a tonal black skull all over the dial.

A video game workout that's fun for the whole family!

Review: Just Dance 3 for Kinect

Get ready for the holidays with the Nintendo Holiday Gift Guide. Find top picks for games, Nintendo Switch™ and Nintendo systems, and much more for the gamers on your list.

6 alternatives gratuites aux applications d’origine de l’iPhone

Swackett – Weather is the New Cool

A fun game that I play sometimes on my computer.

Non-tangible items for my Sims addiction. This is my wishlist of store items from the Sims 3 store.