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Honduras animals bay dolphins jumping animals, bay, dolphins, jumping) via www.


SPINNER DOLPHINS Although it's impossible to tell for sure, I'd estimate at least 100 spinner dolphins swam and swarmed around our small dive boat on the long return to Tranquilseas in Roatan May 2014

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Dolphins to me are amazing creatures. They are beautiful, unbelievably cute, and so nice to pretty much anyone they meet. Their friendliness is what gets me. I love dolphins I wish i could own one as a pet - Stop the Dolphin and Orca Slaughter NOW

Spinner Dolphins

When to Watch Whales in California: What You'll See Might Surprise You: Pacific White Sided Dolphin

Gulf Shores/Orange Beach dolphins loved the beach and the sea life!

Gulf Shores / Orange Beach delfines me encantó la playa y la vida marina

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Dolphins are such talented, beautiful and smart creatures. I have no idea how someone could could dislike them.

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What day of Christmas is "four dolphins jumping?have to displace something I guess, like the Lords a'leaping or the maids a'milkin.like Alexander says, "Who needs Lords a'leaping?

Les dauphins et les baleines ont beaucoup de points communs. Partageant non seulement les océans du monde, ces deux espèces sont aussi très riches en enseignements pour l’Homme grâce à leur intelligence développée. D’après les obs...

Une amitié hors du commun ! Plusieurs baleines et dauphins ont été observés jouant ensemble au large d’Hawaï

Science Bulletins: Whales Give Dolphins a Lift Dolphins and Whales Engange in Rare Interspecies Play

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