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well, it's a sort of animating

We have gathered a collection of 30 Unique USB Flash Drive Designs and we think they might be inspirational for you.

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Fish Cord Holder - cute way to organize your iPad charger. MIght not be a good idea to leave it in the wall while being unused.

Nerdy need: Vintage wooden grasshopper stapler

Vintage Wooden Stapler - Grasshopper

Useful Women's Gift Ideas For Any Budget -

Useful Women's Gift Ideas For Any Budget

Roku 3 Streaming Player - Roku 3 Streaming Player Faster and more powerful. With up to HD video* and extended-range, dual-band wireless performance for increased speedAmazing remote with headphone jack. Use the included in-ear headphones to

Cubic Cable Holder #Cable, #Cube, #Holder, #Organize

Cubic Cable Holder

Bronze Cable Holder is a minimalist design created by RISD student Kebei Li. These little casted bronze cubes are designed to prevent cables from falling from your tabletop.

Philco Computer- typewriter-like keyboard!

Philco retro steampunk concept PC is designed by SchultzeWORKS. The concept PC combines with the style of retro and steampunk , whick make Philco concept PC

This doorbell concept  by Li Jian invites your visitors to perform a short piece of music to announce their arrival at your door.

Although the tone of the doorbell is not as monotonous as before, it is still different from piano. However, China's designer Li Jianye gives us a piano doorbell. This product has several piano keys which allow the guest to play what ever tone he likes.

Lucha Libre Wrestler Bottle Opener for Brian

The Luchador Mexican Wrestler Bottle Opener is a mini wrestler that will open your bottle of beer using a headlock. The wrestler is made of stainless steel, has a rubber coating, measures 6 inches lon.

Bitdefender BOX - Smart Home Security | via Yardi

Bitdefender BOX - Smart Home Security

A Smart Case - iPhone 6 Protection

Alongside the evolving smartphone industry develops another one: accessories for these can't-live-without devices, and