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Face of a woman

I love it when artists play with nature in their work. In particular I have a thing for that kind of art that puts nature into a different perspective and makes you look at it in another way. A selection of artists have done exactly.

Quand GIF et street-art se rencontrent !

Quand GIF et street-art se rencontrent ! CHiMP

Quand GIF et street-art se rencontrent !

Street Art by Tristan Eaton

AudreyHepburn by street artist Tristan Eaton and L.A (Little Italy Street Art) Project at Mulberry Street, Manhattan/New York


Street Artist Biography: Stinkfish’s work is primarily created by portraying a variety of random faces artistically.

Und schon wieder sind wir beim Freitag angekommen. Zeit zum abschalten.   Wir wünschen Euch allen ein erholsames und schönes Wochenende!  http://www.treppen-deutschland.com/steintreppen-moderne-steintreppen

By Dihzahyners Project - In Beirut, Lebanon, would love to have this on my own house stairs!

So cute! I love that the faces are just smiley faces. Otherwise, if the artist had done them like actual human faces, then it might have overpowered the drawing with the flowers.

29 Pictures of Street Art Interactions with the Nature. Amazing!

Garden Hot Air Balloon - By Oakoak ~ I wanna make something similar to this on the side of my shed or on the porch, painting with a little vessel for a small plant of some sort attached to the shed.

Little people STREET ART.

"you can always find help" Street Art Utopia. 106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos - Year 2010 Creative art in everyday places: Stairs.its a happy thing in the most mundane places

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