Korean-When I was a really little girl, my Aunt Ann, whom lived in Korea, brought home outfits like this for me! I LOVED LOVED LOVED them! Such great memories! :) Thanks Ann!

The hanboks are also used as the Korean traditional wedding dress and the designer styled these with a The colorful traditional Korean costume is called hanbok (한복).

¿Dejarías el clásico vestido blanco de lado?

Así son los tradicionales trajes de boda en distintas partes del mundo

Africa | From The View from Fez - Photo Journal: A Moroccan Wedding.  Photos by Tom Falker.

Weddings around the world: a Moroccan wedding. A traditional wedding in Morocco is an amazing party that spans over many days. A wedding in Morocco is sometimes celebrated over a whole week.

Kazakhstan - Bride and Groom

Kazakh traditional wedding costumes ~ Kazakh or Khazak are a Turkic people who mainly inhabit the northern parts of Central Asia. Kazakh identity is of medieval origin.

Sepasang pengantin Koto Gadang, Sumatera Barat I Mahligai Magazine

Try These Wedding Planning Tips! Is there anything more stressful--yet very exciting--than planning a wedding for yourself or a loved one?

Arab World

*tourist's photo ~ Traditional Yemeni wedding jewelry and clothes. Coral necklace and antique Jewish silver.

Avar Bride Wearing Traditional Costume The Avar are a Caucasus native ethnic group living in the Russian republic of Dagestan. Much like their wedding outfits, their traditional wedding ceremonies are also quite elaborate and are generally accompanied by folk dances and music.

How Traditional Wedding Outfits Look Around The World (15+ Pics)

Avar woman (Caucasus), in traditional wedding costume. Ethnic groups living in the Russian republic of Dagestan, village Rugudja.