Crying moment! see Damon can be the sweetest guy ever correction he is the sweetest guy ever!

"i love you Elena, and its because i love you, i cant be selfish with you." "god i wish you didn't have to forget this, but you do." one of my favorite delena and TVD scenes

It's so amazing how their relationship evolved over these years.. all thanks to Elena initially for making Damon human and loved and the rest he did he it himself :)

The Vampire Diaries TVD - Damon & Caroline/ I love how they ended up - shows power of forgiveness and redemption


Savannah rolled her eyes, dramatically flailing her arms. "You two talk about me like I am completely in-" And then the gun went off. Shattering the window next to Alex's head.

For Vampire Diaries fans we have some great and Hilarious quotes and memes .

The Vampire Diaries TVD S08E16/Season finale - Damon, Stefan and Katherine

The Vampire Diaries TVD finale - Damon, Stefan and Katherine I knew it was her also it made laugh that all delena shippers thought it was actually Elena.