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Kurt Cobain and his kitten, Olympia, 1989, by Tracy Marander

What are two things the Internet loves? Certainly indie rock and cats would be on the short list. Nirvana is one of the most important forebears of modern indie rock. And cats, well. cats are cats.

Steve McQueen... the perfect man, handsome and loves cats.

tout ceci est magnifique: McQueen + Kitty Cat William Claxton ~ Steve McQueen and his family cat Kitty Cat, 1963

Stan Laurel and Cat Colorized by ajax1946

Arthur Stanley "Stan" Jefferson with hsi kitty he was known as Stan Laurel from Laurel and Hardy - Mr. Jefferson with his 'own' smile!

Kurt Cobain.... you can see so much pain in his eyes in this picture. Truly heartbreaking

The first-ever fully-authorized Kurt Cobain documentary is almost here! Here, see five ways to get the singer’s look—with plenty of tousled teenage spirit included.

Kurt Cobain.....he is very missed!

Synopsis: Experience the life, art and mind of Kurt Cobain like never before in the first fully-authorized portrait of the generation-defining rock music icon.

Iy seems that there was a style in pets. Every self respecting  had a Siamese ! Gone with the Wind’s Clark Gable and his siamese cat

50 Remarkable Cats (and their very, very famous friends) - New York Graphic Design Agency Alfalfa Studio

アーティストはやっぱりネコが好き 古今東西、愛猫との2ショットポートレイトが素敵! | Gatos Apartment Journal

Lennon and cat! Twain and cat! McCartney and cat! Zappa and cat! Moon and cat! Brando and cat! Corlione and cat! Kim Novak and cat!