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A letter to yesterday's Indianapolis Star had an interesting response to the annual “keep Christ in Christmas” hubbub. What if Christians kept just Christ in Christmas, and let go of all the stuff that is not specifically Christian? What if they let go of the trees, and the gifts, and Santa, and secular Christmas music, and just focused on Jesus, and the other stuff was moved to a separate holiday (the letter proposed New Year's Day)?

Keep (Only) Christ in Christmas

Our family now celebrates the Pagan origins of the "Christian" holy days. (FYI - OED origin of the word pagan = farmer)

You see, son, we buy a Christmas tree to celebrate an ancient Pagan tradition stolen by Christians.

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Best. Analogy. Ever.

Telling a Pagan he/she is going to hell is like telling a Christian he/she is going to Mordor. (Though I believe in Hel.

Wow. Talks about how people should not cut down trees and decorate them.... hmm... says a lot about the Christian Christmas.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

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Yep...see it, hear it all of the time in amazement!

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Don't mean to offend, this is just humor

and literally every other holiday in the christian calendar

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When life gets hard ... smudge it!

When life gets hard, smudge it Native American News

Don't trod on the beliefs of others just because they don't agree with you. NK

Freedom of religion means

Quotes and other stuff about atheism. Free drinks to the person that can prove God exists!

And burning bushes that talk.  And some dude living inside a big fish.  And dead people rising from the grave.  And virgins becoming impregnated.  And a boat that somehow fit two of every fucking animal species on the planet.  And...and...and...

I believe in things I can prove exist like nature and physics. Magick Wicca Witch Witchcraft: "Before you make fun of me for casting and believing in just remember you pray to an invisible man who lives in the sky.

Jer 10:2-4.

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I say he is a cruel god. The old gods require you to study and gain knowledge and honor them by moving forward

One of several great responses to a (Christian) believer: "Your god savored…

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I smiled a dark smile as I sat in the middle of a Pentagram. "I'm rather fond of ghosts and spirits.it's the living that tick me off.

Never fails!

SO TRUE! (people have mistaken mine for the Star of David & asked me if I worshipped satan, lol!Maybe public schools could incorporate a World Religion/Faith class (w/out any bias) into the junior high and up curriculum.