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Barbie Head Kebob Car Antenna: Watch your barbie doll heads go for a ride every time you drive with the new barbie head kebob!


Funny pictures about Tortoise Battle Armour. Oh, and cool pics about Tortoise Battle Armour. Also, Tortoise Battle Armour photos.

El vestido perfecto

Really Long Hair Dress - Who Needs Clothes? - Hirsutism High Fashion Model ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail this i thought was just funny, rather clever.

take a careful look

Visions Within Mechanism Industrial Surrealism by Jeffrey Scott - Baby got back (a weird one haha)!

Fashion Death Trap

I Love Barbie - Menu Ideas for my I love Barbie Party- 1 Dozen Egg-Head Barbies -- Egghead is an anti-intellectual epithet aka know-it-all. Have you ever run across one egg-headed person? Now imagine running into a dozen! These Barbie

"Hand" soap.

Wash your hands with Hand Soap. Soap shaped like little hands! Each creepy little hand is hand made. Isn't that handy? from Mental Floss for halloween

they're happy because they eat LARD.

"They're happy because they eat lard" ad, - Who knew the key to happiness is lard?

С "любовью".

“After the waves/the waifs/Susan, Morgan, Jenny and Skylar” by Vincent Olinet in collaboration with Sookoon Ang (natural and synthetic hairs, broom sticks)

Small kid & Topless man Face Swap

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Small kid & Topless man Face Swap>>>>wait wait wait am I the only one who sees the Blondie in the leather jacket who like looks like she has a guys arm

Nancy Fouts pairs unlikely objects together to create a surreal combination of nature, humor, religion and wittiness into some clever mashups for her Unthink series. The American born artist has lived in London most of her life and pursued a career in advertising while keeping art in arm's reach by running a gallery with her spouse. The modern day surrealist injects extraordinary insight into ordinary items gathered mostly from junking, visits to flea markets, and eBay finds. On the subject…

Purse with teeth - Nancy Fouts. Where can I add teeth in my stuff?

When you kinda just want the seat to yourself...

The greatest city in the world blah blah blah ok do you want to see some weird photos taken on the NYC subway? I took them all on the way to work: . View Crazy Things You Might Find on the New York City Subway" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Is this little kid a monkey and can hit you with bananas

weirdvintage: “ This is my dad’s uncle, c. in Kokomo, IN, USA. The young victim of a family of pranksters, he luckily grew up to be a bit more handsome ” weirdvintage