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20 imagens que provam belezas diferentes do beija-flor

20 imagens impressionantes de beija-flor.

Circus is a bright yellow rose with strong red coloring on the outside and edges of its petals. Description from I searched for this on

Oh Babushka was asked to review the existing lovestruck logo, with the purpose of developing fresh, complimentary branding. The handwritten logo's colour palette was simplified to a strong black, and a vintage floral collage was designed to serve as a com…


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EQUINOX AURORA WATCH: For reasons researchers don't fully understand, auroras love equinoxes. At this time of year even a gentle gust of solar wind can spark a bright display. Tomorrow, Sept.23rd, is the northern autumnal equinox. Perfect timing: a CME is expected to deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field on Sept. 23rd. The impact will probably be weak, but on the first night of autumn, weak may be strong enough. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for equinox auroras…

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if you say that you are strong then you have a bad situation to be strong for....

Book One: Clockwork Angel-good story,especially for those who read lots of Victorian British literature!