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1. Hair growth for pets, Nutrivet. 2. Yes, bottle of Nutrivet. 3. Humor, uses a balding cat. 4. Any age or gender, pet owning. 5. Entertain and Persuade 6. Yes, uses humor to grab attention. 7. Patrick M

Uma compilação de fotos de pontos de ônibus incrementados com anúncios criativos. Confira o Top Traves colocadas em pontos de São Paulo, Renault. 2. The work of three men should be done by three men. 3. Humor, the worker looks funny. 4. 21-35 men or women. 5. entertain. 6. it is funny and the blue grab your attention. Nick C.

Amazing ad campaign by Rogerio Miranda.

1 Nature make up day 2. yes, bottom right corner. 3.they use humor to sell their add. 4. target would probably be woman for 25 and up 5. entertain. 6. this is good because it grabs your attention. Nicholaus B

1. Beer, Steinlager. 2. Yes, drink responsibly. 3. Humor, uses hungover man. 4. Men 21-50 5. All three. 6. It's good because it uses humor to grab attention. 7. Patrick M

Vaccines for animals, Vilacani. yes, "he has enough reason to be angry" Humor and family. Kids, because then the children will tell their parents. Persuade It's a funny, and sad picture that catches your eye. Noah G.

Schick razor, "Would You Kiss You?" This add uses sex and humor to persuade. The woman and the kiss reference, and the beard on the woman. This appeals to young and middle aged men. I love this add and its successful in persuading. RB