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Barbearia Clube: Bags

Amy Frida Winehouse Khalo.

1. Hair growth for pets, Nutrivet. 2. Yes, bottle of Nutrivet. 3. Humor, uses a balding cat. 4. Any age or gender, pet owning. 5. Entertain and Persuade 6. Yes, uses humor to grab attention. 7. Patrick M, Renault. 2. The work of three men should be done by three men. 3. Humor, the worker looks funny. 4. 21-35 men or women. 5. entertain. 6. it is funny and the blue grab your attention. Nick C.

1dirt bike honda. 2. your weekend treat. 3. humor it is funny with chocolate cake as dirt 4. 18-29 men 5. persuade 6 it is funny 7 Nick C.

1) Supa glue 2) no tagline 3) humor and cartoon because the little men are bringing the bull half back on their side so it shows the power of the glue 4) 30-50 year old men 5) entertain and persuade 6) I think it's clever and unique and the bright red grabs your attention 7) Rachael L.

1. Happy Meal/Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap, McDonalds. 2. Yes it does and the tagline is how does the happy meal stack up. 3. Its making me want to go eat McDonalds right now, it explains what's so great about a happy meal. 4. Little kids that are just starting to eat fast food. 5. to entertain little kids. 6. Well the rooster caught my attention so it would definitely catch a little kids attention. MK

MoMA: Art Napkin

One bag One match: Bag, 3

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