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DIY Lip Shade - Ever wonder what to do with the rest of the lipstick stuck in the tube after you've hit the plastic rim? Scoop the colors out and melt it together to create a custom shade!

I tried this pin, and it works perfectly! I bought tear free baby shampoo and baby oil at the dollar store.

DIY Eye Make-up Remover recipe. Ingredients: 1 C water TBSP Baby Shampoo (tear free) ⅛ TSP Baby Oil or use (Cocunut Oil or Olive Oil) Cost less than 3 dollars! Will have at least 30 bottles of remover

Mix old powder or eyeshadow with glue to create a sparkly paint. | 14 Easy Ways To Recycle, Repurpose, And Revive Your Old Makeup

14 Easy Ways To Recycle, Repurpose, And Revive Your Old Makeup

<b>Admit it &mdash; you hardly ever use up a makeup product anyway.</b> So why not save a buck and turn your eyeshadow into nail polish, and fix that cracked bronzer palette instead of throwing it out or spilling it everywhere?

I wish I thought to do this years ago when I wore makeup regularly...create your own lipstick palette.

It’s travel season! If you take forever choosing your favorite lippies for when you’re on the go, why not just bring ALL of them? We’ve found an awesome solution for those of you who love lipsticks (or lip balms) and DIY style as.

Just need eyeshadow, clear nail polish, tooth pick, and a paper funnel.

Make your own Nail Polish with old eye shadow! old eye shadow. using funnel add crushed eye shadow to the clear nail polish. stir with toothpick. Tip: more eye shadow added the more opaque the color will be!

Crayon Lipstick

-- I'm not a big lipstick person (prefer gloss) but this would be great for costumes or presents!

Tired of your lipgloss colors? Make your own, using crayons! #beauty_diy

Tired of your lipgloss colors? Make your own, using crayons! #beauty_diy

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How to Recycle Lipstick into Tinted Lip Balm

How to Recycle Lipstick into Tinted Lip Balm - MadeOn Skin Care Products - Hard Lotion for Dry Skin

Lápiz labial, esmalte, sombras, rimel, delineador y más.

13 Tutoriales para hacer tu propio maquillaje

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Easy DIY Lipstick Palette - especially good for broken lipsticks and rests of balms


DIY Deodorant with simple ingredients YOU'LL NEED: cup coconut oil, cup cornstarch (or arrowroot powder for sensitive skin), cup baking soda, teaspoon essential oil (lavender and lemongrass are great!) Been doing this for years without the essential oil

fix broken makeup

how to save broken powders, eyeshadows, etc. Drip a few drops of alcohol onto broken powder, make into a paste and smear till its flat let dry overnight.

DIY Dove body wash and whipped coconut body creme

Dove Body Wash DIY I have made a ton of this and will never purchase body wash, this is the real thing, thick, creamy and lathers up great! 2 cups water per moisture bar


Using chalk to add color to your hair! Soft chalk pastels can be found at any major art store. Just don’t get “soft chalk” pastels confused for oil pastels.