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Sia's Village Gocco print

My first multiple screen gocco print :)

Nice for to-do lists!

Do Work - Gocco Screen-Printed Lined Typewriter Notebook

Printing from tree sections: Brian Nash Gill

Bryan Nash Gill- Woodcut: Inked Cross-Sections of Fallen Trees. This image shows how the artist uses the tree slabs and inks the slab to get the rings and organic outline of the tree slab.

DIY gold foil printing, WHAT! it's that easy?!?!

DIY gold metallic foil printing, WHAT! it's that easy? Not always needing to be printed! Annotated by Lisa Di Camillo. If, when the day comes, I want to do foil invitations.

New gocco inks just arrived!

New gocco inks just arrived!

Stamp over patches of colour

EllaPhaunt: Workshop voorbereiding bij de Ikea In reverse- carve the lines and talk about positive/negative space.

How to Gocco on Fabric (tutorial)

How to.. gocco on fabric

Well when I got my little gocco machine which is a discontinued model), I as really excited, as I had wanted to do gocco printing for a while, but I discovered all the packaging and instruc…

DIY Anleitungen: Die schönsten DIY Ideen mit Kupfer- Deko, Geschenke und Möbel

Die schönsten DIY Projekte mit Kupfer

DIY your Christmas gifts this year with GLAMULET. they are compatible with Pandora bracelets.

Does this still exist? Do you have yours? If so, I'd like one so I can test out printing stuffs for ERS

Forever Foxed Gocco Essential Kit with Numbers copy