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O amor pelos quatro filhos e a paíxão pela cozinha leva Anne Widya a acordar cedo todos dias para preparar refeições lúdicas para os pequenos. A inspiração vem dos próprios filhos e amigos, mas também de várias coisas ao seu redor, como brinquedos, figuras em jornais, revistas e livros e até na internet. Tendo a ideia, Anne pensa como vai recriá-la usando frutas, carnes, carboidratos e vegetais.

Arte à mesa para crianças

My name is Anne Widya and, since my kids were little, I've loved trying new recipes, and making fruit carvings and other cute things out of food for my kids

http://learn-photo-art.digimkts.com  Mmmm food!   $20 and Im a pro!  I love to   food photography salad  .  My photos are awesome now!  I have to learn how to do this.   Click to learn.

Supermarket Advertising 'Common Sense' Sells Peeled Bananas In Plastic Wrap

Pink Lady Apple Rose Flower - Beginners Lesson 44 By Mutita Art Of Fruit And Vegetable Carving

Food to make your day

Mother Of 4 Wakes Up Early To Make Creative Breakfasts For Her Kids

A familiar face! Or faces, actually. While Snoopy is centerstage here, his pal Woodstock is on the right hanging out on the right. And if you're wondering what that tree is made of, it's chicken and wood ear mushrooms!

Adorable Animal Food Art

An Animal Snack Attack: 17 Works of Animal Food Art: More things that I will never make

Apple crab: Cute, healthy snack for an under the sea birthday party, nautical bash, mermaid theme, pirate party, fishing party, and more! by britney

Apple crab: Cute, healthy snack for an under the sea birthday party, nautical bash, mermaid theme, pirate party, fishing party, and more! by britney

Eine tolle Idee um Kinder zum Apfelessen zu bringen. Ein kleiner Apfelkrebs mit genauer Anleitung. So macht gesunde Ernährung gleich viel mehr Spaß für Kinder.

DIY Apple Crab

For Crab Fest DIY Apple Crab. Be sure to use citrus/acid to prevent the fruit from browning, if used for decoration.

Kids will go wild for this great looking food.  I have done the dog holding the hotdog for my grandchildren and it was a big hit.

Funny pictures about Cool And Creative Food Art Ideas. Oh, and cool pics about Cool And Creative Food Art Ideas. Also, Cool And Creative Food Art Ideas photos.

Những hộp đồ ăn mang phong cách Nhật đáng yêu với sự sắp đặt công phu hẳn không còn xa lạ với bạn. Nhưng những đĩa đồ ăn dưới đây chắc hẳn sẽ khiến bạn ngạc nhiên bởi sự sáng tạo không giới hạn, và được chuẩn bị bởi một bà mẹ người Malaysia cho 2 cô con gái đáng yêu của mình. Cùng Xem Ảnh Đẹp chiêm ngưỡng sự khéo léo đầy nghệ thuật trong những đĩa đồ ăn siêu dễ thương này nhé. Thỏ con với chùm bóng bay dễ thương Những cây kiwi bên ngôi nhà Miffy

If you think your packed lunches are boring and dull, take some lessons from stay-at-home-mom-turned-Bento-artist Samantha Lee. In she started making

#duck #rice food art by Clarise Choi

Super busy since school started. Found this cream stew in my archive. Made this for a bento project last year but I changed my mind and used a different design instead.

http://learn-photo-art.digimkts.com  Oh yeah.   I can do this with my cheap DSLR!You can learn to do this right now!  It should be required to   rustic food photography  .  This is awesome!   This is making me hungry.   Click and learn.

Feed Their Imagination

fun food ideas: another great veggie plate. Ladybug's Garden Make the bugs with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and chive antennae. Place arugula on both sides. Top a bed of chives with a halved mushroom.

funny food - lustiges essen für gross und klein creativ zubereitet

Mouse Snack Attack---Ingredients: Peeled, hard-boiled eggs, halved Sliced almonds Carrot sliversRead more ›

pineapple tree

What An Amazing Fruit Display With A Tall Pineapple ‘Tree’, Adorned By The Most Adorable Fruit Monkeys!This Would Be A Great A Baby Shower!