such a cool idea for food packaging-something that usually gets thrown away can be used creatively

onestepfastforward: “ thedailywhat: “ Teabag Packaging Design Concept of the Day: Yuree S. Lim and Jieun Yang’s “Teabag Coaster” teabag envelopes double as used-teabag coasters with liquid-activated flourishes.

The body and the flaps of the cup are cut from a single sheet which is then wrapped around a circular base in order to eliminate the need fo...

Great Design - it always annoys me that they use plastic . Startup Radically Reinvents The Disposable Coffee Cup, Eliminating Plastic Lids

Reinventing Disposable: Elegant Japanese Paper Tableware | Designs & Ideas on Dornob

Do guests at your less formal gatherings deserve less hospitality than those attending holiday dinners? Disposable tableware is certainly convenient, but it can

A criatividade muitas vezes anda de mãos dadas com a simplicidade. A designer Otília Erdélyi conseguiu isso em um projeto de embalagem para ovos muito bacana, usando basicamente papelão ondulado e …

Simplicidade e criatividade em embalagem de ovos

Pie Boxes from PieBox, The Grommet--how cute is this???@Kellee Zweifel @Lauren Braaten @Adriane Dorr @Claudia Long

The Grommet team discovers pie boxes from PieBox. A reusable raw pine box designed to safely transport pie. Whether you’re driving, biking, busing or even just walking, PieBox will keep your pie safe and intact wherever you go.

The Gion Tsujiri packaging. The single sheet of paper folded up into a cube. We thought as much as possible about the amount of unnecessary ...

Branding Project of a long-established tea shop “GION TSUJIRI GROUP”, which has been particular about tea from Uji in Kyoto.

multi-purpose box that is also a traditional Chinese paper cutting, so it can be used as decoration during Chinese New Year to bring fortune and luck. And each of the five sides can be used as bookmarks!

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