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Explore Bombando, Keshia Grant e muito mais!

Keshia Grant in London.. great timing #RoyalBaby

The Real Magic Of Streaming Music Is The Data It Generates

Listening Patterns detect human behavior. - What the data spotify collects tells you.

Why Apple Is Getting Into the Music Streaming Business

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Spotify: Friend or Foe?

REVENUE STREAMS. Is Spotify the music industry’s friend or its foe?

Why It’s Time For A Streaming Pricing Reset

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Time to embrace the horrors of your Spotify playlist data | Comment is free | The Guardian

A crazy J-pop music video is the best Oculus Rift demo yet

A crazy J-pop music video is the best Oculus Rift demo yet. Could music videos be the real killer app for VR?

The Dark Science of Pop Music

The Shazam Effect. Record companies are tracking download and search data to predict which new songs will be hits. This has been good for business—but is it bad for music?

Rdio Launches Free Music Streaming for iOS and Android

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How Selling Out Saved Indie Rock

How Selling Out Saved Indie Rock. Not long ago, the idea of selling a song for a commercial would have been seen as career suicide. Now, thanks to the music industry’s implosion and the rise of a new generation of artist-friendly ad execs, bands can barely survive without doing so. But has the bubble already burst?