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The Water Spirits by Louisa May Alcott #onepoemaday #LMABibliography

Lulus Library: The Frost King Volume II (1887) - Many of the short stories contained in this collection were first published in Flower Fables. Volume II contains: The Frost King and How the Fairies Conquered Him Lilybell and Thistledown Ripple the Water Sprite Evas Visit to Fairyland Sunshine and Her Brothers and Sisters The Fairy Spring Queen Aster The Brownie and the Princess Mermaids Little Bud and The Flower's Story. #LMABibliography

The Idle Wind by Louisa May Alcott #onepoemaday #LMABibliography

Untitled by Louisa May Alcott #onepoemaday #LMABibliography

A.B.A. by Louisa May Alcott #onepoemaday #LMABibliography

Little Paul by Louisa May Alcott #onepoemaday #LMABibliography

The Sanitary Fair by Louisa May Alcott #onepoemaday #LMABibliography

The Patient Drop by Louisa May Alcott #onepoemaday #LMABibliography

To Papa by Louisa May Alcott #onepoemaday #LMABibliography

Jane Austen Ruined My Life (Adventures with Jane Austen and her Legacy) by Beth Pattillo. Pinner writes: "Emma learns that doing the right thing has very little to do with other people's expectations and everything to do with her own beliefs. Laced with fictional excerpts from missing letters, it is the story of a woman betrayed who uncovers the deeper meaning of loyalty."

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