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Three Unpublished Poems (1919) - The three poems contained in this volume are from the time the family lived at Fruitlands. Louisa was 11ish when they moved there. This collection contains A.B.A (for her father Amos Bronson Alcott) A Little Grey Curl and To Papa. #LMABibliography
Lulus Library: A Christmas Dream Volume 1 (1886) - After her youngest sister Mays death in 1879 Louisa was named the guardian to her niece Lulu (named after Louisa). Al but three of the stories in this collection were told to Lulu during their quiet hour before bedtime. These stories became such favorites with Lulu that Louisa put them in a collection together. Volume 1 contains: A Christmas Dream The Candy Country Naughty Jacko The Skipping Shoes Cockyloo Rosys Journey How They Ran Away The…
Lulus Library: The Frost King Volume II (1887) - Many of the short stories contained in this collection were first published in Flower Fables. Volume II contains: The Frost King and How the Fairies Conquered Him Lilybell and Thistledown Ripple the Water Sprite Evas Visit to Fairyland Sunshine and Her Brothers and Sisters The Fairy Spring Queen Aster The Brownie and the Princess Mermaids Little Bud and The Flower's Story. #LMABibliography
Aunt Jos Scrap Bag: An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving (1881) -  Volume VI contains An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving How it all happened The Dolls Journey from Minnesota to Maine Morning-Glories Shadow Children Poppys Pranks What the Swallows Did Little Gulliver The Whales Story A Strange Island and Fancys Friend.  Morning-Glories Shadow Children Poppys Pranks What the Swallows did Little Gulliver. The Whales Story A Strange Island and Fancys Friend can also be found in Morning-Glories and Other…
Aunt Jos Scrap Bag: My Girls (1877) -  Volume IV short stories contains My Girls Lost in London Fog The Boys Joke and Who Got the Best of it Roses and Forget Me Nots Old Major What the Girls Did Little Neighbors Marjories Three Gifts Pattys Place The Autobiography of an Omnibus Red Tulips and A Happy Birthday.  #BookNerd #GoodReads #LMA Bibliography
A Garland for Girls (1888) - These stories were written for Louisas own amusement during a period of enforced seclusion. The flowers which were her solace and pleasure suggested titles for the tales. This collection contains: May Flowers An Ivy Spray and Ladies Slippers Pansies Water-Lilies Poppies and Wheat Little Button Rose and Mountain-Laurel and Maiden-Hair. #LMABibliography
Spinning-Wheel Stories (1884)- Having to be inside for several days these grandchildren stumble upon a spinning wheel in the attic. When they ask their Grandmother about it she teaches the girls to spin while telling them stories. #BookNerd #GoodReads #LMABibliography
A Monder Mephistopheles (1877) -  Originally published under a pseudonym this is not a typical LMA novel. It is a Gothic novel about a failed poet who makes a Faustian bargain with his tempter.  A Whisper in the Dark (1863) - a story of imperiled innocence.  Published together in 1889.  #BookNerd #GoodReads #LMABibliography
Silver Pitchers and Independence (1876)- A collection of nine short stories including Silver Pitchers Annas Whim Transcendental Wild Oats The Romance of a Summer Day My Rococo Watch By the River Lettys Tramp Scarlet Stockings and Independence: A Centennial Love Story.  #BookNerd #GoodReads #LMABibliography
Eight Cousins (1875)- When Rose Campbell a shy orphan arrives on Aunt Hill to live with her six aunts and seven boisterous male cousins she is quite overwhelmed. How could such a delicate young lady used to the quiet hallways of a girls boarding school exist in such a spirited home?  #BookNerd #GoodReads #LMABibliography