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Gabbra woman - Kenya by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr

Gabbra woman, Kenya (photo by Eric Lafforgue) . people photography, world people, faces

Those Eyes.. why couldnt i have had green eyes such as these?

Green eyes are my favorite. The most rare eye color-estimated only of the worlds population have green eyes. // My mother has green eyes, my father has green-blue, and I have green with light brown around the pupil. This makes me proud to have green eyes.

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Girl With Green Eyes 2 by David Lazar. Taken in Putia, Bangladesh, this portrait features a young lady's green eyes. She is wearing a traditional Bangladeshi textile around her head and shoulders.

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"Miss Touaregue" 2 (Niger)  Posted by Evelyne Dubos

"Miss Touaregue" 2 (Niger)

Reasons to be cheerful

world eyes - souls Man from Libya. Such a genuine face. This picture shows a man who is in true content. Again, my love for eyes- it pops up and is the focus of the piece. I also love the color and form of the headdress.