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I have problems with Tokka because I will see something like this and will absolutely ship it, but then I'll rewatch episodes with Suki and I then ship *her* with Sokka. <----- they're both adorable

korrasami kids | The Korrasami Kids Are Back! | Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend ...

The Korrasami Kids Are Back!

atla modern au by dekuhornet

high school/modern au ayyyaang and toph are azula, & ty lee are & sokka are is senior atla modern au

Avatar kinect game

Funny pictures about Avatar Kinect. Oh, and cool pics about Avatar Kinect. Also, Avatar Kinect.


Each and every time I see this, I absolutely love this. It makes my heart happy! as well as Mako from Korra? Made me so happy! Friendships can last more than one lifetime!

Tlk funny

Coming out to your Water tribe parents as a Firebender. Tough explaining that one

Damn! Avatar the last airbender

Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked - so true, but actually I prefer Zuko in his fire lord outfit. And his father's pretty fine looking too.

Avatar: The Last Airbender name meanings << actually if you write Zukos name in Chinese it reads reclaimed honor

bingo bongo, bitch

bingo bongo, bitch

You wouldn't have a riot you would just get one big boo and everyone leave

I would join this Riot. Except there would be no riot because everybody would simply agree that the movie is shameful and the tv show is incredible.<<< I LOVE THIS PERSON ITS SO TRUE THO.