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Arthur Buxton. Color trend visualizations. A series of charts, each designed to be visually pleasing and function as a visualization tool. Each represents a famous painting, portraying the 5 most prominent colors as a percentage.

Arthur Buxton Analyzes Famous Paintings, Reduces Them To Pie Charts

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Josef Albers, again

“Goldrosa” by Josef Albers, 1926 Josef Albers (American, b. Germany, Goldrosa, ca.

Death by Pinball - Sam Chivers

I found Sam Chivers' work at Soma Gallery and I think I'm becoming a fangirl.


Des assemblages de cartes postales

Caterina Rossato’s Layered Postcard Landscapes “If one picture is worth a thousand words, what would happen if several pictures were taken with the same purpose? Artist Caterina Rossato got.

>This series of paintings were created by New York artist Adam Daily

Digital and analogue tools create geometric beauties

Lynn Chalk - Kirk Nix for Robert Allen Terrazza Koi, $89.99 (http://store.lynnchalk.com/kirk-nix-for-robert-allen-terrazza-koi/)

Kirk Nix for Robert Allen Terrazza Koi

Lynn Chalk - Kirk Nix for Robert Allen Terrazza Koi, $89.99 (http://store.lynnchalk.com/kirk-nix-for-robert-allen-terrazza-koi/)