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Mixed Print Napkins from Leif

possible diy: mixed print napkins (or tea towels!

I found this on www.burkedecor.com

via BKLYN contessa :: hammocks & high tea :: linen cotton fabric printed with waterbased no VOC inks :: lattice in royal

Kelly Wearstler | Kelly Wearstler, Inc.

Just love the look of all these items, chandelier, blue paintings, white vase, all sharing the same frame.

Damian Russell & his ridiculously good-looking plush pillows.

Doors - Ottoman Door - Antique Door - Moroccan Door  - Tunusian Door "And when We said: Go into this township and eat freely of that which is therein, and enter the gate prostrate, and say: "Repentance." We will forgive you your sins and will increase (reward) for the right-doers." Surah Bakara, 58

Someone cared a lot about this portal. If doors could talk, I'd like to hear this story.

white embroidery

There is something I quite like about lace, or part of the white pattern overlaying a colour

swedish graphic design - Google Search

little studio Tipi - Cutting board Graphic folklore! Our modern interpretation of native patterns in colours to make you happy.

Another fabulous umbre from Designers Guild-Padua. This time on a beautiful neutral ground. Come see all the colorways at Dean Warren.

Nab yourself a cheap and cheerful set of white curtains, choose a pretty coloured dye and make a knockout design feature for your home