<3 coffee

A damn lunatic without coffee

I drink the stuff morning noon and night. Truck stop style black no cream no sugar just Mr. Coffee and the red can.

I love evening coffee.

This is me when I hit the 3pm wall at work and want someone to bring me good coffee....

Puja Fashion - A Fashionable Trendy Multistore

coffee blood type

coffee blood type

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I need a fairy coffee-mother.

Yes, yes I will because I did post the 3 properties I sold and I feel like I did kick azz

Your Coffee Guru is dedicated to all things coffee and coffee related. Here you'll find pictures of fresh brews, fancy mugs and.


We love checking things off our to-do list! Have you had your cup of Green Mountain Coffee today?


I'll take a 55 gallon drum.

Coffee everyday.

Coffee everyday and all day

good morning Deathwish coffee - Google Search

keep the coffee coming

Coffee and rose colored glasses....never get out of bed without them.

May your coffee kick in before reality does (reality aka fighting kids)

Think about it... :) Maybe coffee is addicted to me!?

there is a mutual addiction between coffee and me

Ohhh coffee yr my hero.

I think all my patience is at the bottom of this coffee cup...

Coffee Lovers: I think my patience is at the bottom of this coffee cup. Hang on while I find it.

yes thank you for all you do ...

yes thank you for all you do .


Indeed, well played coffee love