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I have been in love with him since 2005.

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Frank HQs for fans of Frank Iero images.

the badass mr. frank iero.

Day A picture of your favorite guitarist-Frank Iero from My chemical romance

Frank Iero talking about Mikey Way

Frank Iero talking about Mikey Way. His made me laugh way too much>>The Art of The Poker Face (by Mikey Way)

Gerard, sweetie, you need to work on your 'nothing bothering here, it's fluff I swear ' face

I don't ship Frerard, but yeah, that's anyone's face while reading smut.

Frank Iero | Quote about DD

Danger Days was the album that got me hooked on MCR. Still my favourite, though Black Parade has a lot of my favourite MCR songs.

Watching a movie with Taylor!-Frank

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frank iero

have a smile and piercings like frank and I'll think about it. have hair like him then yh. play guitar yes!no i just want frank not yor:)