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studeying: “ Been loving the mildliners ahhHH ! It’s only been 2 days of school and I’m dead tired :/// (It’s a 11 week term sigh) “from my ig: ” ”

lethargicstudying: taking some biology notes!

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Rip sleep tonight because I have 3 chinese essays to write also sorry for the unco colours in.

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good-behavior: anatomy test in one week, louis. good-behavior: “ anatomy test in one week, louis ck wisdom playing in the background ”

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// ✌ Getting back into the grind with some notes for my Principles of Management unit and of course, a cup of tea.


Finished an essay, hopefully it’s good. Tried to do some germany notes but my brain switched off so I’m just gonna go to the gym. Hope you are all well today!

ennui-for-me: “ baektostudying: “ days of productivity! 2 more days until the start of mid years and so many things to do 😳 ” love the color scheme!

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Index card holders are really great for making cute revision notes. or quick, kept together, on the go flashcard holder!

STUDYBLR — 26/01/17 (January 26th, 2017) Had a big break in...

STUDYBLR — 26/01/17 (January 26th, 2017) Had a big break in...