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Enslaved Odyssey to the West » Personagens e história muito bem conseguidos, havendo mesmo uma base perfeita para futuras sequelas, mas tecnicamente é tão deplorável, que qualquer esperança futura de ver uma continuação ou qualquer referência a este jogo é infeliz e totalmente reduzida a nada! [5/10]

American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns is an awesome game! Playing in the role of Alice, you make leaps to and from her real world and Wonderland in an attempt to discover what has happened to her. If Disney's Alice is a cute, dreamy Wonderland, then Americam McGee's is the nightmare realm! Armed with a vorpal blade, a hobby horse, a pepper grinder and so much more, Alice slashes through enemies and Wonderland as a bad ass. You must play this game!

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I always dreaming that there must be some place like this on earth... Floating land... :')

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