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Faz sentido até!

"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country. Vonnegut I think I would like this country

Down Syndrome: Blessing or Burden?

They don't get more precious than this little one "rockin' that extra chromosome". Downs Syndrome Kids are such a gift to us all. I have a special place in my heart for them!

"That's where I will always love you. That's where I will be waiting"

You know that place between sleep and awake; that place where you can still remember dreaming? that's where i will always love you. that's where i'll be waiting -Peter Pan

Frank Zappa

"If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit. then you deserve it"

Normal Is An Illusion What Is Normal For The Spider Is Chaos For The Fly - Morticia Addams Love this font, and of course, the quote.

Chuck and Blair hold hands. Chuck and Blair go to the movies. You said yo never wanted us to be boring.  “Life with you would never be boring”

People don't write sonnets about being compatible. Or novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversation. The great loves are the crazy ones . Always keep crazy

@Elisabeth W remember Lis? It hasn't quite worked out this way, but it was a pleasant happy passing thought.

Now this man knew what he was talking about.for my reading co-hort, Main Street Kate

This is adorable!!                                                       …

I love this kid. Special Ed kids are truly special. They mean so much and are such wonderful human beings. I love this picture with every ounce in my boby.

Bad Advice I Read on Pinterest

I love this quote! Johnny Depp is my first, second, third, fourth, etc. But this quote is so true.

awesomepeoplehangingouttogether:    Tom Wolfe and Kurt Vonnegut  (submitted by Robin)

Extremely Silly Photos of Extremely Serious Writers Tom Wolfe and Kurt Vonnegut playing lifeguards.