The 10 Best Party Beaches On Earth - Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

The 10 Best Party Beaches On Earth

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Mykonos was one of the highlights of our trip to Greece. The windmills are majestic, and the white washed brick everything has a very clean feeling.

Windmills in Mykonos , Greece

Mykonos, Greece is famous for it's windmills and gorgeous architecture that utilizes the contrast of white and blue. Travel dreaming at it's best.


Oh Greece! "This is why I loved Mykonos, Greece; the quaint cobble streets, beautiful bouganvillea, and of course the Gyros!

Mykonos, Greece. They use such light, pretty colors in their architecture.

One of the many colorful pedestrian walkways in Mykonos, Greece. BrighT by Georgio R.

Mykanos, Greece

Mykanos, Greece I've been in this exact spot, I photographed the red door closeup

Apanema Resort in Mykonos, Greece

Removed from the busy bars and clubs of Chora, Apanema Resort is a stylish Mykonos escape.